History of ICMMB

The idea of this Conference was conceived in 1977 by a group of researchers from various countries including Profs. Wen Jei Yang, Dhanjoo Ghista, Helmut Reul, Gunter Rau, Eric van Vollenhoven, and Tin-Kan Hung. Later it was joined by Profs Kajiya and Pallotti.

1978 - Aachen, Germany in 1978 (organised by Professor G. Rau and Dr. S. Effert)

1980 - Osaka, Japan (organised by Dr. H Abe)

1982 - Compiegne, France (organised by Prof. M. Y. Jaffrin)

1984 - Buffalo, USA (organised by Prof. G.C. Lee)

1986 - Bologna, Italy (organised by Prof. G. Pallotti)

1988 - San Antonio, USA (organised by Prof. R. Nerem)

1991 - Portschach, Austria (organised by Dr. U. Stanic (Drs. N. Starc and R. Kenner))

1994 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (organised by Prof. Wen-Jei Yang (in conjunction with the Second World Congress of Biomechanics))

1996 - Ljubliana, Slovenia (organised by Dr. U. Stanic)

1998 - Oahu, USA (organised by Prof. Wen-Jei Yang)

2000 - Maui, USA (organised by Dr. Tim Kriewall)

2002 - Lemnos Island, Greece (organised by Prof T. K. Karalis)

2003 - Tainan, Taiwan (organised by Prof F.C. Su)

2004 - Bologna, Italy (by Prof G. Pallotti) 

2006 - Singapore (by Prof W-J Yang)

2008 - Pittsburgh, USA (by Profs. Tin-Kan Hung, Savio L.-Y. Woo and Harvey S. Borovetz)

2010 Cracow, Poland

2012 Xi'an, China (by Prof Feng Xu)

2014 - Bologna, Italy (by Prof Romano Zannoli)

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